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Try nerd duel - on a fan of Tyler Durden

Let us welcome a brand new signal processing blog. Le petit chercheur illustré, under the auspices of Fight Club. If you wanna fight, Tyler Durden... Try nerd duel. Le petit chercheur deals today with some ancient form of Matching pursuit. Since its english subtitle is Yet Another Signal Processing and Applied Math blog, its acronym contains the word SPAM (for the Signal Processing and Applied Math part), enough to remind us of the Monty Python's Flying Circus.
But surprise, the whole acronym, YA SPAM, belongs to urban language, as seen in the Urban dictionary. Its definition?
An quick precise reaction to an outburst of words from another person
Maybe someone we already knew for his "not in let multiselectivelet", a somewhat pythonesque wavelet. Very well adapted indeed. Welcome Laurent (yet another one). We hope you quickly grow into a grand chercheur illustre.