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See my very appreciation to Yves Meyer's price

While a decent anagram with two "y" and four "e" still hides under the carpet (much better ones related to Alain Connes, Fields medalist), see my very appreciation to Yves Meyer's Carl Friedrich Gauss price (here in French), four years after Kiyoshi Itō. At ICM 2010, it is said that, along with his work on wavelets ("wavelet theory has become the new name for Fourier analysis", gosh!),
[...] he has found a surprising connection between his early work on the model sets used to construct quasicrystals — the ‘Meyer Sets’ — and ‘compressed sensing’, a technique used for acquiring and reconstructing a signal utilizing the prior knowledge that it is sparse or compressible. Which should please Igor Carron, of course. Every emys knows that every four years, Fields medals are attributed to talented mathematicians. The country of course honors Ngô Bao Châu (fundamental Lemma in the theory of automorphic forms through the introduction of new algebro-geometric me…