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Valentimes: The Great Gig in the Syzygy (Epoch Times),

The magic number 1234567890 (in epoch time) will occur in a few minutes , seconds (out) elapsed since the 00:00:00 UTC on January 1, 1970 fake Unix Genesis . The 1234567890 day coincides with Valentimes . Base 10 is not the handiest, so is 1234567890 as dull a number as 1729 (see the 1729 Dullness Hardy/Ramanujan anecdote )? Not. 1234567890 + 1 is prime, so is 1234567890^2 + 1. Eventually, the countdown buzzword drives us to the following assertion: One hour from now, another species of life form will disappear off the face of the planet forever...and the rate is accelerating We will talk about that later, on January 19, 2038 (2^31 = 2147483647 overflow )

WITS: wavelet training, re-learning and writing (cfp)

On today's WITS the wavelet winter school goes back to Le Creusot, a wavelet and time-frequency training (continuous education type) and a wavelet (multirate and multiscale) call for papers. L'Ecole analyse multirésolution pour l'image ( école de printemps ) goes back to Le Creusot , from 16 to 18 March 2009, registrations open until March 5th. The objectives are the following: L’analyse multirésolution est certainement la déclinaison la plus spectaculaire de la théorie générale des ondelettes, tant par son efficacité à représenter l’information que par sa cohérence entre signaux discrets et signaux continus. Cette école vous fera découvrir cet outil particulièrement utile et fondateur, ainsi que sa richesse et son potentiel. Vous seront proposés: initiation à cet outil devenu classique en traitement du signal et des images; présentation générale de ses innombrables applications dans la recherche, l’industrie et la vie de tous les jours ! approfondissements sur l’outil d

WITS: Bathlet wavelets

The WITS (and the Virtue) honors today bathlets , a breed of wavelets based on a balanced weighted uncertainty approach. Colorado 7-eleven ( 7-11 math problem here ) stores fear a Klingon-weaponed robber threatening clerks with a spiky, crescent shaped Star Trek inspired sword called bat'leth or Klingon's personal sword of honor. Since this description is only a coarse approximation, more details are to be found at The Denver Channel . In the wavelet world, bathlets originate from the University of Bath , wavelets have been designed based on an Heisenberg uncertainty based metric balancing both their time and frequency spread. The Bath Wavelet warehouse serves both orthogonal and biorthogonal wavelet coefficients A handfull of Bat'leth Further reading on bathlets : " Orthonormal wavelets with balanced uncertainty ", DM Monro, BE Bassil and GJ Dickson, IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 1996, Vol.2, pp.581-584 ( local copy ). &quo