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BARCHAN: Blob Alignment for Robust CHromatographic ANalysis (GCxGC)

In 1987, G. P. Barchan et al.   wrote a paper called:  Gas chromatographic method of determining carbon monoxide and dioxide .  But barkhan, or barchan , means more outside gas chromatography. It refers to sand dunes , with crescent shapes, modeled by the wind. BARCHAN: crescent-shaped sand dunes They inspired our image registration tool for comprehensive 2D chromatography peak alignment (GCxGC or GC2D). It was just publish ed as  BARCHAN: Blob Alignment for Robust CHromatographic ANalysis (GCxGC) , Journal of Chromatography A, February 2017. For given 2D chromatogram areas of interest, a baseline removal (BEADS) is applied, a peak detection is performed, blobs are detected and registered with a mixed rigid/non-rigid transformation based on the Coherent Point Drift technique. A pair of GCxGC chromatogram areas of interest. BARCHAN registration, example. The preprint is here . The HAL and the arxiv version. The abstract is next: Abstract: (Comprehensive) Two dim