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Logic Gone - Save wavelets from MountainView Monster!

A Googlet was long known to refer to any company or entity snatched up by Google (do you really need a link here?). All logic gone * , Google Inc.* now plans a wavelet invasion on a much larger basis, with its new real-time communication platform . Let us have a quick look at Google Wave's ( a complete guide ) terminology: Wave : A wave, specifically, refers to a specific threaded conversation. It can include just one person, or it can include a group of users or even robots. [...] like your entire instant messaging (IM) history with someone. Anything you’ve ever discussed in a single chat or conversation is a wave. Wavelet : A wavelet is also a threaded conversation, but only a subset of a larger conversation (or a wave). It’s like a single IM conversation – a small part of a larger conversation and a larger history. Wavelets, though, can be created and managed separately from a wave (sic). Blip : Even smaller than a Wavelet, a Blip is a single, individual message. It’s like