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Hungarian Syzygies - Trauma Memorial - Werckmeister harmonies - 2001

I am sorry David, I am afraid I should do that :) This thought gathering stems from a talk with David in Budapest, Hungary, from Shakespeare's Helmet Collective . He stands in the eye of a political storm ( recent hungarian elections and Viktor Orban declarations ), and proposed (with a collective) a Trauma Memorial in the center of Heroes' Square  (Hosök tere) in Budapest. I was lucky enough to witness it directly. It appeared as a black monolith with a video stripe: Here is a full story, which wavelets and monoliths, boozers and Marker. But you can skip it directly to the video:  A millenniumi emlékmu kiegészítése 100 év hordalékával . As a side note, I was happy to be for the first time in Hungary, home of many Hungary scientists mostly mathematicians (some known as the Martians ), some being prominent in the history of wavelets, like Alfréd Haar  or Frigyes Riesz , who were put in a multiscale perspective in a 2D wavelet panorama review paper , details below: A