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Royal Society - (NOT) A coyly sortie

Today we celebrate an antanagram: while traditional anagrams usually reveal hidden meanings, antanagrams do the converse. Which differs from non-apt anagrams (i.e. unrelated to the subject). Indeed, Royal Society Publishing celebrates its 350th anniversary with a announcement which is not a coyly sortie : it launches several commemorative initiatives, all of which are completely free, giving access to science treasures. No more tribal lazing with Trailblazing ! Trailblazing is an online, interactive timeline showcasing sixty fascinating and inspiring articles selected from The Royal Society Digital Journal Archive. All articles are accompanied by an illustrated commentary, highlighting the significance of the ground-breaking discovery and its influence on the modern world. Trailblazing is free to access from today. The Royal Society Digital Journal Archive is arguably the most comprehensive publishing archive in science. It dates back to 1665 and contains more than 65,000 arti

Il y a deux minutes, l'antenne - Crumbles & Graffitis

Kriss est partie . Un ultime rendez-vous pour une voix de radio insolite et humaniste, ma favorite depuis près de 30 ans, le prochain Kriss Crumble , dimanche 22. Son dernier livre : " La sagesse d'une femme de radio " (L'oeil neuf/Inter 2005). Corinne Gorse sur Wikipedia