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Signal and image classification with invariant descriptors (scattering transforms): Internship

[Internship position closed] [English] Signal and image classification with invariant descriptors (scattering transforms) [Français] Classification de signaux et d’images par descripteurs invariants (scattering transforms) Application and additional details Description The field of complex data analysis (data science) is interested in the extraction of suitable indicators used for dimension reduction, data comparison or classification. Initially based on application-dependent, physics-based descriptors or features, novel methods employ more generic and potentially multiscale descriptors, that can be used for machine learning or classification. Examples are to be found in SIFT-like (scale-invariant feature transform) techniques (ORB, SURF), in unsupervised or deep learning. The present internship focuses on the framework of scattering transform (S. Mallat et al.) and the associated classification tec

Kultur Pop 36 : Rebirth

Le volume 36 (Rebirth) de Kultur Pop , compilations de génériques de Radio France, vient de paraître. Au programme : Title Artist Track Zapateado Opus 23 (Pablo de Sarasate) [France Culture, Culture matin] Itzhak Perlman & Sam Sanders 01 Quatre danseries : L' échappée [France Culture, Etat d'alerte (fin)] Jean-Philippe Goude 02 Changanya [France Culture, La matinale du samedi] Lakuta 03 La lune rousse [France Culture, Backstage] Fakear 04 Satta [France Culture, Notre époque] Boozoo Bajou 05 Siegfried [France Culture, Interlude nuits] Erik Truffaz 06 El condor pasa [France Culture, Paso doble, début] Paul Desmond 07 Soleil Rouge [France Culture, Interlude nuits] Jean-Louis Matinier 08