October 7, 2008

Major en *let - In honor of Jean Morlet

Jean Morlet (or the Major en -let, in french in the text), one of the fathers of all wavelets, along with some precursors, as in the nice notice Precursors in mathematics: early wavelet bases, by Hans G. Feichtinger, is honored at the end of October in Marseille, France.

A preliminary program below the Morelet crocodile:
October 27 - 29th, 2008
Continuous wavelet transform and Morlet's wavelet, 1978-2008 : International colloquium in honor of Jean Morlet
Organizer: G. Saracco (CNRS, CEREGE Aix-en-Provence)

Centre International de Rencontres Mathematiques (CIRM), Campus de Luminy, Marseille, France

*Preliminary Program*:

1-Alex Grossmann: «Continuous wavelet theory and Morlet's wavelet» (Hommage à J. Morlet) , (CNRS-Evry)

2-Y. Meyer, membre de l'Académie des Sciences: «Des ondelettes continues en géophysique
aux bases orthogonales d'ondelettes» (hommage a J. Morlet) (ENS-Cahan)

3- Pierre Goupillaud : PR, Two superb mathematicians who's innovations were the product of asking question that others had overlooked. (Hommage à J. Morlet), (SEG., USA)

5-Patrick Flandrin, DR: Wavelets, surrogates and non-stationarities,(ENS-Lyon)

6-Stephane Jaffard, PR: Directional continuous wavelet transforms and application to directional smoothness of functions (Paris XII)

7-Ronald Coifman, PR: Wavelet and diffusion geometries on seismic data sets (Yale Univ., USA)

8-Alain Arneodo, DR: Surfing on the genome: a tribute to J. Morlet (ENS-Lyon)

9-Jean-Pierre Antoine: The wavelet transform on the sphere: continuous vs. discrete (Louvain, Belgique)

10-Jean-Luc Stark, : Compressed sensing in astronomy (CEA-Paris)

11-Nick Kinsbury: Complex-valued wavelets, the dual tree and the Hilbert Transform: Why these lead to
approximate shift invariance? (Cambridge Univ., GB)

12-Thierry Paul, DR: Non linear continuous wavelets and non linear coherent states (ENS-Cachan)

13-Ginette Saracco: Multi-scale tomography of buried magnetic or electrical sources: Its localization and characterization.
Application to archaeological structures or volcanic system (CNRS-CEREGE, Aix en provence)

14-Gregory Beylkin, PR: On approximation by Gaussian and its applications (Boulder Univ. Co, USA)

15-Marie Farge, DR: Continuous wavelet analysis of vortex bursting in turbulent flows (ENS-Paris)

16-Matthias Holschneider, PR, Directionnal Poisson wavelets on the sphere (Potsdam, Allemagne)

17- Jean-Claude Risset, DR emerite, medaille d'Or du CNRS, Morlet wavelet are good to hear (CNRS-LMA, Marseille)

18- Peter Frick, PR, Double Wavelet analysis: Method for recognizing stellar activity peculiarities (Moscou Russie)

19- Pascal Sailhac, From seismic wavelets to wavelet transform: using Berlage wavelets to the detection
and characterization of damped transient waves occurring in geophysical time-series", (IPG-Strasbourg)

20- Nicolas Thouveny, PR, Extraction of frequency modulation laws from Earth's magnetic field intensity records
by complex continuous wavelet analysis; contribution to understanding the geodynamo behavior. (CEREGE, Univ Aix-Marseille, Aix en Provence)

21- Say Song Goh, PR, Uncertainty Principles for the Continuous Wavelet Transform, (Rep Singapore)

22- Maurizio Fedi, Discrete and Continuous Wavelet Transform of potential fields with different choices of analyzing wavelets, (Naples Univ., Italie)

23- Roddam Narasimha, PR, Morlet Wavelets and the Solar Connection with Indian Monsoon Rainfall, (Bingalore, Inde)

24- Albert Cohen, PR, Adaptive multiresolution analysis based on anisotropic triangulations, (Univ. Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris)

25- Agissilaos Athanassoulis, Strengthening semiclassical approximations with the use of coarse-scale representations, (ENS-Ulm, Paris)

26- Nele de Shepper, Multi-dimensional continuous wavelet transforms and General Fourier transforms in Clifford Analysis, (Ghent Univ, Belgium)

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