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Major en *let - In honor of Jean Morlet

Jean Morlet (or the Major en -let , in french in the text), one of the fathers of all wavelets , along with some precursors, as in the nice notice Precursors in mathematics: early wavelet bases , by Hans G. Feichtinger , is honored at the end of October in Marseille, France. A preliminary program below the Morelet crocodile: October 27 - 29th, 2008 Continuous wavelet transform and Morlet's wavelet, 1978-2008 : International colloquium in honor of Jean Morlet Organizer: G. Saracco (CNRS, CEREGE Aix-en-Provence) Centre International de Rencontres Mathematiques (CIRM), Campus de Luminy, Marseille, France *Preliminary Program*: 1-Alex Grossmann: «Continuous wavelet theory and Morlet's wavelet» (Hommage à J. Morlet) , (CNRS-Evry) 2-Y. Meyer, membre de l'Académie des Sciences: «Des ondelettes continues en géophysique aux bases orthogonales d'ondelettes» (hommage a J. Morlet) (ENS-Cahan) 3- Pierre Goupillaud : PR, Two superb mathematicians who's innovations were t