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Nom: anthonome - Man on the moon

A small insect (Named: Anthonomus) to celebrate today's Moon landing anniversary . This one dedicates himself to apple trees, celebrating Isaac Newton's law of universal gravitation . Today's anagram is quite long, not mine, and especially meaningful: Neil Armstrong : That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind A thin man ran... makes a large stride... left planet... pins flag on moon... on to Mars! Aside the terrific achievement, that made me think of becoming an astronaut when a kid, the vision of microscopic human beings trying to tame the huge lunar ball leads me to other insects: dung beetles (aka bousiers here). No wonder, Marie Dacke et al. found in Animal behaviour: Insect orientation to polarized moonlight (Nature, 2003), that one species of dung beetle (the African Scarabaeus zambesianus) navigates by using polarization patterns in moonlight. Now there are three types on dung beetles: rollers , that roll their stuff ball, tunnellers ,