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Cucu fraternel - are there such things as french maths?

For french listening folks only: " Mathématiques : quelle pérennité pour le prestige français ? " on France Culture today. Following the recent Fields medals , the discussion goes along the following tracks: How long does it take to become a mathematician? Has a 3-year long project some sense in mathematics? Why is a paper outdated after 3 years in biology, while only after 30 years in maths? Why a Minister of Higher Education and Research is so booked (s)he cannot attend such a debate? Panel: Michel Broué , mathématicien, professeur à l’université Paris Diderot, Pierre Cartier , mathématicien, CNRS/IHES, Dominique Leglu , directrice de la rédaction de la revue Sciences et Avenir, Bertrand Monthubert ,  mathématicien, Institut de mathématiques de Toulouse, with interviews of Cédric Villani , mathématicien, professeur à l’Institut Camille Jordan, directeur de l’Institut Henri Poincaré et médaille Fields 2010 and Wendelin Werner, professeur de mathématiques, université