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Concern Fees - About conferences (in signal and image processing)

Having spotted before the stricking anagrammatic link between "conferences " and "fees concern" , through a digression on Juran's famous hammer and nail quote, this post initiates a series of annoucements on some upcoming signal and image processing conferences of interest since, generally, conference deadlines represent strong incentives for scientific outcomes. Due to the myriad of such events, let us consider this series, to the first order, as a self-remainder. A more complete list of signal and image processing conferences is also available. First annoucement is SSP 2009 ( IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing ). It has been annouced in Cardiff, Wales, from 31/08/2009 to 03/09/2009 (present deadline: 27/04/2009). The theoretical topics include: Adaptive and nonlinear signal processing, Blind detection and separation, Broadband beamforming, Cognitive signal processing, Detection and estimation, Distributed signal processing, Monte Carlo metho