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Opinion on Melancholia

Lars von Trier has recently proposed to the audience the Cannes awarded movie Melancholia . As for the brunette and the blonde sisters (one organized and the other erratic), as for the two planets (Earth and Mechancolia) featured in the movie (one rotating predictively for ever around the sun, the other wobbling to its final destination), the movie has attracted two-pole reviews, either good or bad (in random order). Melancholia , as a science-fiction movie (is it?), dwells on a the line that joins Stanley Kubrick 's 2001 and Andrei Tarkovsky 's Solaris . On very projective line, between "zero and infinity" ( le zéro et l'infini ), which translates into French Darkness at noon by Arthur Koestler . Von Trier 's Mechancolia of course reminds of Albrecht Dürer 's (the painter, not the insect - see Monty Python's in three languages ) Melencolia I ou La Melencolia . The engraving has suffered many interpretations, with all its symbolic details (m