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Raah - Haar year (toute)

Today a call for paper, a celebration of Haar centenary, codes for multivariate denoising and a thought. 2010 is the centenary (with 1 % imprecision) of the Haar wavelet (or Haarlet). Oddly, it possesses an anagram, raah . According to Urban Dictionary , raah denotes: A richly dressed person, usually with big hair and are commonly situated in Surrey. They enjoy prancing around in Ralph Lauren, Jack Wills and Abercrombie & Fitch. Their grooming and hair can be described as messy, but stylish. To celebrate such a birthday, everybody is invited to contribute to the call for paper to Elevier Signal Processing: Advances in Multirate Filter Bank Structures and Multiscale Representations , with a 15 February 2010 deadline. The CfP is featured at several other places: