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Time-frequency methods for condition based maintenance: call for papers

Call for Papers (CfP): Special issue on time-frequency methods for condition based maintenance and modal analysis

In recent years, research in the area of Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) and Modal Analysis (MA) has been growing rapidly benefiting from the development of more advanced and accurate time-frequency methods. CBM is a decision making strategy which was introduced to recommend maintenance actions when the output of the sensors placed on the physical equipment fulfill a set of predefined criteria defining abnormal behaviors. CBM is based on using real-time data to prioritize and to optimize maintenance resources. It enables real-time diagnosis of impending failures and prognosis of remaining useful life of equipment without interrupting normal operations through analyzing and interpreting the measured data. Intensively used in CBM, the MA is concerned with the identification of the natural mode shapes and frequencies of structures or fluids under vibrational exc…

Time-frequency analysis and applications: call for papers

[Update 20120925] Special issue call for papers officialy released (deadline extended to 08/10/2012): Special issue on Time-frequency analysis and applications

The 4-page white paper should address: the motivations, importance, timeliness of the topics, an outline of the paper structure and content, some words about the authors (for the special issue editors). No style imposed: 4-page one-column would be enough.

Fresh from Eusipco 2012, a call for papers (cfp) is issued by the signal processing society, for IEEE Signal Processing Magazine:  Special issue on Time-frequency analysis and applications

The special issue (not yet on the special issue page) seeks to present recent advances in time-frequency (TF) signal analysis, using both linear and nonlinear decompositions.

Topics include:
advances in detection, estimation and classification using TF signaturesinstantaneous frequency estimationrobust TF signal representationsnew advances in TF localization and uncertainty principlesmultidimen…