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Horst Tappert - That Rest Prop

Tart Prophets "Fatals Picards" have foreseen this day some time ago with their silly song "A l'enterrement de Derrick". Stephan Derrick, alias Horst Tappert, died on saturday, December 13th.

Fatals Picards - L'enterrement de Derrick

Smile in the sky - My God, it's full of stars

Funny sign in the sky in this cold and damp December: a crescent Moon and two "stars" have just offered us a cosmic smiley. The two brilliant "stars" are our sister planets Venus and Jupiter. This smiling sky has especially being reported from the chinese side of the world, under different angles:

China economy Net
Chine informations
Lhasa: The sky smiles in the night

and last a Youtube video. Maybe a smiling sign from 2001: A Space Odyssey Star-Child, for his 20th birthday.