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Hurricane Turtle: AA (the Word is a World)

Back the Hurricane Turtle Ulule project!   From ancient traditions, the hurricane turtle was the world. Since recent outcrops, Hurricane Turtle is the word. A band with no less than  Pierre Cherbero (Chant / Orgue), Seb "iep" Arruti (Trombone), Sylvain Téjérizo (Saxophone), Julien Dubois (Basse), Olivier Léani (Batterie). No more.  They just released AA . A beginning. A gambling song : Lyrics are here. They are: #Band: Hurricane Turtle (band) #Song: AA I used to play cards as a loving game Cupidon strikes me right on time In front of me the victime is a lame He’s gonna fall on the magician that I am I’m a gambler not a lover  My rocket looks like the better My deck is full of red hearts But you know, he won’t see coming that part AA got bullets in my hands now All-In, what you gonna do now AA got bullets with my aces now I’m All-In cut it out (Solo Saxophone) Did I dream what I just saw there The mo-fo

SPOQ: norm ratio sparsity restoration (how I discovered sparsity and stopped worrying about it)

[TL;DR] How I discovered sparsity and stopped worrying about it This is a journey into sparsity.  The story started in 2009, in the South of France, and the nice island of Porquerolles. Here, clear blue water. France, Porquerolles, plage Notre-Dame           There was a workshop organized in June called Porquerolles 2019: Approximation and optimization in image restoration and  reconstruction .  A bunch of first class researchers were there:  Amel Benazza-Benyahia, Jérôme Bolte, Antonin Chambolle, Caroline Chaux, Philippe Ciuciu, Albert Cohen, Patrick Louis Combettes, Claude Comtat, Christine de Mol, Alvaro R. De Pierro, Michel Defrise, Ron DeVore, Jalal Fadili, Mario Figueiredo, Massimo Fornasier, Jacques Froment, Yves Goussard, Gabor Herman, Jérome Idier, Dirk Lorenz, Russell Luke, Francois Malgouyres, Pierre Maréchal, Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Stanley Osher, Valérie Perrier, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Gabriel Peyré, Aleksandra Pizurica, Andrew Reader, Elena Resmerita, Marc Sig

Chants des confins : compilation on COVID-19/coronavirus occasion

Confines' songs, Chants des confins : fin de partie, is now on YouTube . All but one Chants des confins ( Confines' songs) is  one music for each (relaive) day of confinement due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemia. And two lines . Two rhymes. Rarely more. I listened to each song five times in a row before posting it.  So far:  Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Pink Floyd, Télépopmusik,, Henry Purcell (by Sarah Connolly  and Marianne Beate Kielland), Villagers of Ioannina City, Philip Glass with Lavinia Meijer (harp), Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond (a kind of fake on Take five) (and the Stranglers), Mano Negra, Loney Dear, Sarah Vaughan, Deep Purple (and Navarone), The Kyteman Orchestra (Colin Benders), Dominique A (et Alain Bashung), VALD, George Frideric Handel (sung by  Nathalie Stutzmann & Philippe Jaroussky) , Kings of convenience and Feist, Les Têtes Raides, Yom (Guillaume Humery) and the wonder rabbis, Sting (interpreted by Pat Metheny, Nils Landgren, Esbjörn Svensso