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Noble praise

[Update 2014/07/15 ] " Divide ut compresse " (to divide to compress) is the new motto for the coming Daubechies barony. Ingrid Daubechies ( wiki page ) has just been granted? awarded? made a baroness title by the King of Belgium. She is has a PhD in Physics from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), teaches at Princeton and Duke universities, and is the present president of the "International Mathematical Union". She is famous to waveleters for many progresses, among others, in frame sampling, wavelet design (e.g. daublets & coiflets ), (two-scale) difference equations, orthogonal and biorthogonal bases design, fast, integer, lifting, irregular and signal edge-aware implementation, time-frequency reassignment, inverse problems, fractal properties, compression, with a recent brush(let)strocke towards artist (van Gogh) identification, to mention a few. Have a look... Soon, she will be another distinguished line on