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Who compressively senses compressive sensors?

Who compressively senses the compressive sensing folks (cf. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? )? In an exchange among technical chairs for a conference with a close deadline, we notice the following mention: Please pay particular attention to reviewers who can deal with compressed sensing papers. Extrapolating from previous years, there are typically almost a 100 papers in compressed sensing - and so we need a lot of capable reviewers in the area. Impressive. So who does compressively sense the compressive sensing community? Nuit Blanche does sense it, maybe not quite compressively (hence, its audience ). I guess there exists redundancy in the published stuff, should one try to reduce drastically the selection on compressive sensing, not based on "peer evaluation", maybe on random picking? Or assuming some Finite Rate of Innovation in a period of time? Hurry up, rumors are the NSF (not NFS nor NHS, thank you Igor ) may shrink the funding on such topics... All along