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Hurricane Turtle: AA (the Word is a World)

Back the Hurricane Turtle Ulule project!   From ancient traditions, the hurricane turtle was the world. Since recent outcrops, Hurricane Turtle is the word. A band with no less than  Pierre Cherbero (Chant / Orgue), Seb "iep" Arruti (Trombone), Sylvain Téjérizo (Saxophone), Julien Dubois (Basse), Olivier Léani (Batterie). No more.  They just released AA . A beginning. A gambling song : Lyrics are here. They are: #Band: Hurricane Turtle (band) #Song: AA I used to play cards as a loving game Cupidon strikes me right on time In front of me the victime is a lame He’s gonna fall on the magician that I am I’m a gambler not a lover  My rocket looks like the better My deck is full of red hearts But you know, he won’t see coming that part AA got bullets in my hands now All-In, what you gonna do now AA got bullets with my aces now I’m All-In cut it out (Solo Saxophone) Did I dream what I just saw there The mo-fo