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Sparse is abundant

[Updated 2011/06/19 for iTWIST 2012 workshop in Marseille, see at bottom]
[Updated 2011/07/02 for a call of paper to Journal of Applied Mathematics on "Preconditioning Techniques for Sparse Linear Systems"]

You still have one day (deadline: 2011/06/19) to submit a paper to ACM Multimedia SRED 2011 : First International Workshop on Sparse Representation for Event Detection in Multimedia, from 28. Nov. to 1 Dec. in Arizona, USA.

Should you need a little more time, an oxymoric abundance of calls for papers related to sparsity offers additional opportunities. Let's hope your submissions will spark interesting discussions on sparsity on Nuit Blanche. (BTW, thank you Igor for promoting a PhD thesis proposal related to sparsity and seismics, i'll try to make it more international soon).

Journal: EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
Special issue: New Image and Video Representations Based on Sparsity
Editors : Fred Truchetet, Université de Bourgogne; Akram Aldro…