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Pêcheurs de perles, une parabole (in French, BEADS and CHOPtrey)

This post is about pearls found in apparently simple but yet complex industrial-type questions, and a handful of parabolas. Two practical applications are found in analytical chemistry with  BEADS: Baseline Estimation And Denoising w/ Sparsity and in cyber-physical system co-simulation with  CHOPtrey: Contextual Polynomial extrapolation for real-time forecasting. The whole stuff  is just a parabola, or a parable
I was not at my best level of confidence in this talk, even in French. I had to completely change the talk a couple of days before. Politics... The best dwells in the Dave Gilmour (or Pink Floyd) parts:
David Gilmour, Echoes (the acoustic way), live from Abbey Road (at the beginning)David Gilmour, Je crois entendre encore (Les pêcheurs de perles, Georges Bizet), at the  endDavid Gilmour, Rattle that lock, based on an SNCF four-note jingle, and most notably in Milton's Paradise lost.  The talk, in French, parle de perles trouvées dans des questions à la fois simples et co…