Art is Arp - When art meets wavelets and compressive sensing

January 2009 issue (n° 106) of art magazine L'Oeil visits the atelier of François Morellet, (born Cholet, 1926). The following picture has been taken two month ago from Hans Jean Arp Museum in Strasbourg.

It is entitled "40000 carrés répartition aléatoire 50 % noir 50 % brun" (1961). Since the big picture is a little blurry, have a look at the high resolution detail (below). François Morellet (not Le Morlet). Doesn't it look like a random CS matrix, by an approximately wavelet-named guy? Or tell me this is just a coincidence, Igor...


  1. coincidence you say ?


  2. I have shown this ad to Pierre V. when we met in Paris last year. I would suspect a Big Plot instead of a Big Picture. Plots may be any-dimensional...


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