May 7, 2008

Cochlear Auxin - Congratulations

Caroline Chaux PhD thesis has been awarded "best thesis in signal and image processing" by the EEA Club, on Tuesday 6th May 2008. The EEA Club is a 40 year old association that gathers teachers and researchers in Electrical and Control Engineering, founding member and part of the European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering (EAEEIE). The official ceremony takes place in Saint-Etienne, France, at the 48ème congrès du Club EEA ( from May 28 to May 30. Caroline Chaux also received the best student paper award at ICASSP 2005.

The PhD thesis is entitled "Analyse en ondelettes M-bandes en arbre dual ; application à la restauration d’images" or "M-band dual tree wavelet analysis with application to image restoration". Dual tree wavelets represent a special breed of wavelet frames composed of the union of two (M-band) wavelet bases in phase quadrature or forming Hilbert pairs. The sine and cosine functions form a traditional example of Hilbert pairs. Hilbert pairs of wavelets enjoy approximate shift invariance and are low-cost redundant transforms for directional image analysis. They are related to the discrete complex wavelet transform. They have been used for instance in compression, texture analysis, denoising, watermarking... Many others applications are yet to come... and why not on compressed sensing?

A Matlab toolbox for 1-D M-band dual-tree wavelet transforms is made available. Related articles for further reading:

with applications in the following:

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