July 26, 2022

ING bank scam : act 00 exposition

I live in France. In my life, I moved a lot. I had to open several novel bank accounts, because of regulations, regional rules, offers etc. OK. Traditional local banking went (for me) to a limit in terms of quality of service. It was always: "because of the computer" or "delay in central services". I had never been negative in bank deposit (except once with a mistake from SoGénAl), in the 1995's.

I therefore tried online banking, with a debit card, with two options:  MonaBanq, and ING Direct.The service was sleek, until it went so bad. MonaBanq was honest, ING Direct is  my worst direct banking experience ever. Now, I cannot access to my account. Your phone line cannot be reached


Let's wait for episode 01.

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