April 13, 2008

Connections or connexions?

François Morellet is a painter, scultor, engraver, who turned abstract by the 1950's. Some of his works carry strange connections with sparsity, wavelets and even compressive sensing. First, his name, akin to both a crocodile and Jean Morlet, who died almost one year ago. Then, he authored a work entitled "4 trames de tirets simples (non quinconce) 0°-45°-90°-135°", which obviously refer to a set of four oriented separable ("non quincunx") frames, very similar to complex dual-tree wavelets. The remaining terms "tirets simples" (simple dashes) may refer to Haar or Hadamard like vectors. Less structured grids (see Any grid) are also present, as in this "Répartition aléatoire de 40 000 carrés":

The following "3 doubles trames 0°, 30°, 60°" is far better structured. Connections. Or Connexions (cnx.org), at Rice University, providing Content Commons of free, open-licensed educational materials in fields such as music, electrical engineering and psychology. Remember Rice also hosts a Compressive Sensing repository.


  1. BTW, CS at Rice has a new (but equivalent) link :



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