April 9, 2008

RIP scene sends Smog (Noiselet today)

Recently, Processing Vein Mess was proposed as an applicative anagram for Compressive sensing. Its Compressed sensing avatar possesses a much nicer anagram: "RIP scene sends Smog". This was illustrated in a recent talk by Albert Cohen around the Restricted Isometry Property (RIP). For practical applications, Compressive sensing onset lies in the developpement of specific observation matrices. Noiselets are an example of those. Let us quote artist Michael Thieke about them:
Very sparse. Very minimal.
These musicians with their instruments make sounds that may not have been intended by the original inventors. They do this in a way that at first seems to be a very random. After a longer listen, the inspirations soak through. These “noiselets and sounduals” (my words entirely) may be improvised, but they are very potent in their expressive capability.

Real, or imaginery (for noiselet Matlab code)?

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