May 16, 2009

About Wolfram Alpha (and wavelets, of course) - ANKOSS

Is Wolfram Alpha the forthcoming search law from Mathematica founder? Await a true RAM flow about it in the next few days. Just tried it with a few queries. So far, Wolfram considers "wavelet" as "a small wave on the surface of a liquid", and displays the following relatively unsatisfactory " dandelion":
This nice dandelion could well have been generated by cellular automata. Unfortunately (to me), there seems to be very few connections between wavelets and finite automata (a former topic of interest of mine) or cellular ones so far. Whether WA is ANKOSS (Another Kind Of Semantic Search), based on automata or not, may not be obvious in the next few days. About the original ANKOS ("A new kind of science" by Stephen Wolfram), let me highlight the bright and funny review by Steven G. Krantz, among all the others, featured in Division by Zero.
I am keeping on trying with the Alpha engine, which at least has the merit to easily plot functions (as 1/x), and to be as honnest (and modest?) as Hal 9000:

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