July 19, 2010

Upcoming SIVA signal and image conferences - Concern fees

Today we update on the SIVA: Signal, Image, Video and Applications conferences page.

Long time ahead is ICASSP 2014 website running. Not much information yet, execpt in this information pdf file, like a call to image processing tools like inpainting. ICIP 2013 (Melbourne, Australia), ICASSP 2013 (Vancouver, Canada) are open but scarse as well.

Closer from us, SAMPTA 2011 held in Singapore (deadline on 01/10/2010), ISCAS 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (deadline on 29/09/2011, sooner for Special sessions), ICASSP 2011 in Prague, Czech Rebublic (deadline on 20/10/2010), ICCV 2011 in Barcelona, Spain (deadline on 01/03/2011). ICIP 2011 in Brussels, Belgium, has no deadline for now. MWSCAS 2011, once believed in Brazil, will be in fabulous Seoul, South Korea (deadline 04/03/2010). SIVA would not be complete without the annual Conference on Digital Image Content Knowledge, held in Chicago, Illinois, USA. For myself, i will try to enjoy the shores of Saint-Malo at LVA/ICA 2010, the ninth conference on latent variable analysis and signal separation.

All this comes with a nomade gift: Skype version 5.0 for a portable use on a usb key.For people who like to do it themselves, look here.

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