September 10, 2012

What is a color?

Typically the kind of image that makes me (still) love image processing. So the "light green" spiraled stripelets have the same absolute color coordinates (yes, R,G,B) as the "light blue" ones. I have checked it with XnView.

There is still room for image processing algorithms that meet vision stimuli.

The two-penny philosophical question: do these two colors actually merge at the aliased warped end in the center? Indeed, the phenomenon is related to the scale of observation, as one may obseve by zooming in and see how the green and the blue reduce their perceptual distance. Funnily enough, the illusion also works with at least one color blind and image processing specialist colleague (Frédéric Morain-Nicolier @ Pixel Shaker) who has been kind enough to discuss these issues. So below is the thumbnail and its enlarged version. Of course, you cannot fully trust the present image renderer,. Try by yourself.

Akiyoshi Illusion page:

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