September 2, 2008

Ice Soup - About EUSIPCO 2008 (and signal in general)

The "Signal de Sauvabelin" is a beautiful wooden tower offering a great Laussane panorama. This "signal perspective" was celebrated at the very same place in Switzerland place last week at EUSIPCO 2008. Enjoy some other pictures taken from cold Swiss lakes (hence the Ice Soup) at Picasa.

Meanwhile, i may have another Signal Tower close to home, at La Defense (close to Paris), since Jean Nouvel recently won the contest for this renewal minded building.

Temporary exhibition of the contest's finalists at Cité Chaillot, from 25 June to 30 September 2008.

On my window by 2015. But since then, many other signal and image processing conferences will provide us with travel opportunities. The 17th European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2009, conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland. An good reason to meet the 32th (Scottish) Signal Squadron? Discover the challenge, as they say. All along the watch tower,
there must be some way out of here...

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