September 20, 2008

If Mike's dog really ate his frog - On the peer review origin

I originally underestimated the peer review argument in Attempts to hedge out peer review, where Eric Weinstein associates it with the "If Mike's dog really ate his frog" growing meme. In most of the scientific world, we revere pi, setting high standards to what should be published and known. Thus, let's unveil the truth: the dog's name was Bagel, which could become a peer review paradigm, as Lenna is for image processing (another Lenna tells us about a very interesting bagel and salad diet, giving us the missing link between two paradigms).
Chad Orzel quotes this anectode in Uncertain principles, with Google slightly giving it more echoes (a thought to Richard Wright by the way), as pointed out on Nuit Blanche by Igor Carron. He also refers to the soft pion theorem, but what about very cold neutrons?

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