September 18, 2008

Concern Fees - About PIMRC 2009

Apparently, from the logs of the SIVA Conferences web page (post title anagramatic explanation), tons of radio people are looking for the next 2009 IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications Conference (PIMRC the 20th), which was planned in Yokohama (Japan). Luckily, PIMRC 2009 website has just been released, and holds in Tokyo (Japan again). Don't ask me why. Its 2009 theme is "Giga bit Wireless for Real Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications".

You may look at the 20th PIMRC 2009 call for papers. The submission dead-line is 06/03/2009 (03/06/09 American style, which looks arithmetically nicer but has ambiguities), and the conference is from 16/09/2009 to 18/09/2008. Topics follow:

PHY related topics
Antenna & Propagation
Modulation & Coding
Equalization and Synchronization
Cognitive radio
Millimeter wave
Enabling technologies
Beamforming antenna, MEMS, RF CMOS, etc
MAC related topics
Ad-hoc network management
Resource management
Cross-layer management
802.11/15/16 MAC
Network related topics
Cognitive wireless network
Cooperative network
Ecological wireless network
Multi-hop network
Mobile agent
Wireless ad-hoc network
Sensor network
Local dependent network
Mobile computing
Mobile IP network
Application related topics
Next generation digital home network
Secure network
Wireless robotics
Social wireless networks
In-car/Intra-car communications
Millimeter Giga-bit applications
Medical ICT applications

Other signal/image processing people concerned by fees should look at the Signal, Image, Video and Applications conferences page. Submissions welcome.

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