September 15, 2008

What if Mike's dog really ate his frog? - On Liar's grief, faked mythologies

If Mike's dog really ate his frog is taken from a talk by Eric Weinstein: Attempts to hedge out peer review (between slides 73 and 79). It is an if and only if condition which remained long undiscovered (even if cited). It anagrams to Liar's grief, faked mythologies, which is not unrelated to its origin (cryptic writings in a PhD thesis for a student to confound his advisor). An other reference may be found at Project Euclid; just enter "ate + frog" in the fulltext search box, you get this very serious paper:

The moment map and line bundles over presymplectic toric manifolds, Yael Karshon and Susan Tolman, J. Differential Geom. Volume 38, Number 3 (1993), 465-484.

Igor Carron at Nuit Blanche suggested to meme this sentence. Let us join the mob.

P.S.: all apologies to Eric Weinstein for a name misspelling. Instead of an insincere wite (blame), to you I write incense, gold and myrrh gifts in shape of anagrams, hoping to build together irenic new ties with forgiveness, since i renew it: my apology!

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